Understanding the Extent, Scope and Magnitude of the Challenges to Stabilization Efforts in the affected areas of the Lake Chad Basin region.

This session chronicles the extent, scope and magnitude of the challenges to efforts made by Member States of the Lake Chad Basin Commission in meeting the stabilization needs of the affected communities.The objective of this session is to set the scene, elicit suggestions and recommendations on how the efforts within Lake Chad Basin region could be better enhanced to meet the actual needs of the affected communities.


Relationale for the conference

The 639th and 680th Communiqués of the AU PSC on Boko Haram (29 November 2016 and 18 April 2017 respectively), noted the progress made by MNJTF in the fight against the terrorist group, and acknowledged the opportunities that the significant degradation of Boko Haram present for medium to long-term recovery and stabilization efforts in the Lake Chad Basin. This was also reflected in the report of the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the LCBC countries and Benin on 24 February 2017, which noted “the need to develop strategies for handling the post-operation era” (Para.


The Conference Backgroung

The intensity and expansion of Boko Haram’s activities from 2009 posed significant challenges to the stability of the Lake Chad region. The group’s activities led to massive internal and cross border displacement, destruction of lives and properties, human rights abuses, and disruption or destabilization of government institutions and apparatus.


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